A few posts ago, I addressed, with the help of the College Art Association, the question, “What is the MFA”. Today, I have a new question, and this question isn’t any easier to answer. In fact, it may make your head spin a little. I’ll stop with the suspense, ready? Here is goes…

Is an MFA required to be a successful artist?

I think this question particular challenging because I don’t think there is a single answer. I find it difficult to say “Yes, an MFA is required”, yet equally difficult to say “No, an MFA is not required”. I think history has demonstrated that there have been successful artists who have had an MFA and successful artists who haven’t. While, I do not have an answer, I know there are a few people who do. Here are some interesting articles that try to answer this question:

In the article, Tomorrow’s Art Stars Today: New American Painting Presents the MFA Annual, Steven Zevitas from the Huffington Post asks the question: “Are artists born of made?”

Critic, curator and Dean of the Yale School of Art, Robert Storr uses John Baldessari and Bruce Nauman to support his argument that great art is produced not right out of school, but later in an artist’s career in the article, Haste Makes Waste.

Last but not least, a simple google search will turn up the article, How to be an Artist, from ehow.com. Number six on their list? Go to graduate school.