Be sure to constantly be checking our Artists Talk page. New interviews are being added all the time. Today, I want to highlight my interview with Jill Fannon. Jill attends the University of Maryland Baltimore County. Here is an excerpt from our conversation.

Q: First off, I was hoping you could tell me a little bit about the ideas behind your work and what you hope to convey to your audience….

JF: I am interested in the relationship the camera has with the world, in both identifying, creating and cataloguing images; and in blurring boundaries of order and proving atmospheres of fiction. I am curious about the possibilities of order, order between objects, figures, and environments. It’s playful this sort of game. I think my work looks like photographs that someone who likes performance and drawings makes.

Q: What do you think makes UMBC’s M.F.A. program unique? In what ways does it differ from other M.F.A. programs?

JF: UMBC has a heavy research and writing component, which I found both challenging and incredibly useful. I really like writing now. I think the best feature of the program is that it brings artists from very different experience levels and disciplines together…which is great and important. The colleagues you study with and meet illuminate your work in unanticipated ways, and at rapid rates.

Q: What have you learned from both the M.F.A. and the University of Maryland Baltimore County’s M.F.A. program? 

JF: The MFA offered me the valuable and integral community that I craved, one that was stewing with ideas, perception, wit, candor, controversy, everything….the process was wonderful and insane, and could best be described (by one of my former classmates) as something quite similar to a reality television show…well, this may be an extravagant description; most importantly, the MFA opened me up again, to a world full of facts and fictions. UMBC did that for me, I am very thankful for the wonderful individuals I studied with.

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House-Plant, October 2011, Chromogenic Inkjet Print, 32″ x 22″