One of the many things that I have learned from working on Masters of the Visual Universe is that the curator of a exhibition is just as important as the artists in the exhibition. Get to know Masters of the Visual Universe curator, Maiza Hixson, as a curator and as an artist by reading an excerpt of her Curatorial Statement Click here for the entire statement.

I treat the art exhibition as an educational and social medium as well as an opportunity to encourage public participation in and engagement with visual culture. I employ digital video and new media as tools to portray alternative experiences of exhibitions, including the array of conversations behind the making and reception of images.

How can contemporary art and cultural institutions connect with the public and demonstrate value and relevance in everyday life? According to Author Nina Simon in her book, The Participatory Museum, (2010), we can do this by inviting people to actively engage as cultural participants, not passive consumers. Simon states, “As more people enjoy and become accustomed to participatory learning and entertainment experiences, they want to do more than just “attend” cultural events and institutions…Visitors expect access to a broad spectrum of information sources and cultural perspectives. They expect the ability to respond and be taken seriously. They expect the ability to discuss, share, and remix what they consume. When people can actively participate with cultural institutions, those places become central to cultural and community life.” …