Just another fun fact about biennials from the Asia Art Archive 

What is ‘biennialisation’?
It describes the worldwide proliferation of biennials since the 1990s. For a hundred years from 1890s to 1980s, only 17 biennials were in existence. Today, there are over 60. What drives this phenomenon? One biennial organiser summarises the trend as: “biennials and large-scale periodic exhibitions constitute a sizeable part of the production and distribution system of artistic products, an instrument of the economic strategy of the world-wide cultural industry, and a vehicle for the development of cities.” The 1990s saw the first wave of mushroom of biennials not just in the traditional centre of art – Europe – but also in Asia, which Prof. John Clark rendered as “the attempt to make Euramerica come to Asia”. The growth of biennials has accelerated since the millennium, with Europe launching 18 new biennials over the past few years.