You’ve read the wall labels from the show and what Maiza has said about each artist. Now check out what Jill Fannon has to say about her work in her artist statement below.

BubbleTongueRemix is a series of performance-photographs. My goal in building this series was to deconstruct the photograph, allowing it to become both an enveloping structure and a surface-oriented representation of the event. The work borrows from the language of the photograph as it is an agent of suspension, surface, witness, and cargo.Simultaneously, the work borrows from performance, in its use of the body in relation to physical objects and physical space; and as an autonomous site from which to prescribe meaning.

Within the series, each singular piece denotes a performance act that was constructed solely for the camera. The acts took place inside and outside of the studio. They made use of material objects, hard and soft, six different models varying in age and multiple environments, including, hand-built sets an the private residencies of the participating women. Each piece employs a color palette dominated by matte-pale pinks, blues, creams and grays. The pieces range in size from twelve inches by eighteen inches to twenty inches by thirty inches, and at largest, thirty-one inches by forty-six inches. This network of photographs shares one name, BubbleTongueRemix, 2010-2011.