“Utopian Consciousness wants to look far into the distance, but ultimately only in order to penetrate the darkness so near it, of the just lived moment, in which everything that is both drives and is hidden from itself. In other words, we need the most powerful telescope, that of polished utopian consciousness, in order to penetrate precisely the nearest nearness.”

– Ernst Bloch, The Principle of Hope, 1954-59


My works explore fantastical architecture, landscapes, monuments, inventions, and extraterrestrial bodies. Such objects function as traces of a life unlived. Through viewing these objects, we can piece together something beyond the here and now, something speculative, or perhaps unfulfilled. Art is the only way to exist in a utopia. Architectural utopias are a way to represent culture at large, and reinventing and re-imagining them is a way to explore our existence. Creating new worlds is an exercise in potential. It is the belief in progress, and the ultimate act of hopefulness.