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Stop by the DCCA from noon to 1pm for Art Salad, this Thursday to hear Contraption artist, Lauren Ruth, address themes explored in her work.

Art Salad is a free lunchtime lecture series that features multi-point perspectives into the world of contemporary art from artists, historians, educators, and curators. For more info, check out the DCCA website.


Read what C. Grant Cox III has to say about play and his creative process in his artist statement below.

Play is the common thread that duct tapes our
imagination and the real world together. My practice is
a playful improvisation of combining found objects. As
a result, materials are ratchet strapped, clamped, bolted,
tied, and tacked together like IKEA furniture without
the instructions. Through these actions I present makeshift
machines that perform happenings of the everyday.
With this consumer residue I create contraptions
that explore notions of the grandiose and the pathetic.