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Hear Contraption artist, Tim Eads, talk about his studio practice and interactive sculpture during this week’s Art Salad.

Art Salad is a free lunchtime lecture series held at the DCCA on Thursdays from noon to 1 pm. For more info, check out the DCCA website.


Want to learn more about Contraption and the themes explored in the show? Here’s your chance. This Thursday, Feburary 16th, artist and Assistant Professor of Visual Communications at the University of Delaware, Ashley John Pigford, will speak about Contraption and the themes found in interactive works of art during Art Salad. Art Salad is a free lunchtime lecture series held at the DCCA on Thursdays from noon to 1 pm. For more information, check out the Art Salad page on the DCCA website.

Contraption hasn’t opened yet, but this doesn’t mean you can’t familiarize yourself with the seven artists in the show. Make sure you check out our Artist page for short bios of all the artists and links to their websites.

Masters of the Visual Universe has officially left the DCCA. While I’m a little sad that I will no longer be able to see Elizabeth Hamilton’s Oldsmobile or Ted Walsh’s paintings, along with the work of all the other MFA artists in the gallery, I’m looking forward to the DCCA’s spring exhibitions. Rebbecca Murtaugh, the Dufala Brothers, Erin Murray, Nicholas Kripal, and Emily Hermant are all coming to the DCCA, just to name a few. The exhibition that I’m especially looking forward to is Contraption, which is full of interactive art. Curated by the Gretchen Hupfel Curator of Contemporary Art, Maiza Hixson, Contraption is slated to open on February 17, 2012. Check out the exhibition description below.

Contraption is a thematic exhibit featuring ingeniously playful sculptural works that invite interactivity. Wearable, audible, and usable, these works encourage audience participation. Artists: Tim Eads, Tracy Featherstone, C. Grant Cox, III, Tyler Held, Cynthia Norton, Lauren Ruth, and Joanie Turbek.

Keeping following us and stay tune for updates on Contraption and a few of the DCCA’s other spring exhibits.

Check out the DCCA website for the full list of exciting upcoming exhibits.