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Hello! I just wanted to update you on a exciting opportunity on Tuesday night. This Tuesday, October 18, Maiza Hixson, the curator of Masters of the Visual Universe, will be giving a lecture on biennials from 5:30 p.m to 7:00 p.m. The lecture, entitled Blockbusters and Biennials: Historical and Present Views, will cover the motivations behind biennials. Maiza will also discuss the history of biennials and their evolution over the last several years.  Make sure you stop by the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts for this great lecture!

If you would like the full description of this event click here.


The Masters of the Vision Universe opening was fantastic. The DCCA was filled for the Biennial’s debut with visitors of all ages. Many of the MFA artists were there – to name a few: Emily Erb, Ted Walsh, Erica Prince, and all of the Towson artists. The MFA artists answered questions and discussed their work with guests. “MFA?”, the interactive video exhibition created by the Towson MFA students, was a hit. Visitors enjoyed walking in front of a green screen and seeing themselves projected within the students’ videos. Maiza Hixson, the show’s curator, gave an enlightening talk on Masters of the Visual Universe and its artists. Maiza also announced the Gretchen Hupfel Prize for Contemporary Art. The prize was awarded to Guy Loraine for his works, Fuller and Grand Boxes (stacked containing sheets, acorns, and caps) and Grand Work Table with Ledgers and Twine.

Fuller and Grand Boxes (stacked containing sheets, acorns and caps), 2011, Pine, Sisal Rope, Plastic, Paint, boxes 48″ x 26.25″ x 26.25″, 15057 caps and acorns, 996 24″ x 24″ plastic sheets.

Make sure you check out the Sneak Peek page to read more about Guy Loraine!

Also, don’t forget to visit the DCCA and check out the exhibition in person! Masters of the Visual Universe runs until February 5, 2012. The DCCA is open on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays 10 to 5, and on Wednesdays and Sundays 12 to 5. Admission is always free!

how the artists of Masters of the Visual Universe ended up in the show? Well, first they answered a call for entries. The call went out several months before the show. It was posted on the DCCA’s website and facebook page. Maiza Hixson, curator of the MFA Biennial, also sent the call for entries to the directors of regional MFA programs. Curious about what the call looked like?

Once all of the artist submissions were in, the DCCA curatorial department selected which artists were going to appear in the show.