Check out this article about Young Country which appeared in the Delmarva Daily Times at the end of January. Here’s an excerpt:

“Young Country” is a cutting-edge show featuring about two dozen recent works by younger American artists, primarily from rural areas of the South, Midwest and Southwest. In addition to a region, “country” also refers — in this case, ironically — to an outmoded aesthetic position, implying that such art consists of forms and ideas that are no longer current.

The show’s curator, Maiza Hixson, who is the curator of contemporary art at the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts in Wilmington, believes that all too often, bi-coastal elites (and especially the New York art establishment) assume that artists from the “country” make “country” art; and, more often than not, dismiss such art as unoriginal and provincial, even when they haven’t seen it.

The irony, of course, is that the artists that Hixson has selected for this show are all extremely sophisticated (and some have even shown their work in New York). They’re keenly aware of what’s taking place on the national and international art scene, and use similar media — including staged photographs, video, assemblage, installation, and unconventional materials — to explore some of the same ideas and concepts as their big city peers.

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