Here is a list of articles, websites, and sources that have fueled this exhibit, as well as press about the show.



The News Journal, “Masters of the Visual Universe”:

The Art Blog:


Artist Websites

Emily Erb:

N. Sean Glover:

Elizabeth Hamilton:

Guy Loraine:

Erica Prince:

Steven Riddle:

Ted Walsh:



The College Art Association

“Tomorrow’s Art Stars Today: New American Paintings Presents the MFA Annual” by Steven Zevitas:

“Haste Makes Waste” By Robert Storr:’s “How to Become an Artist”:

“View from the Bridge” by Robert Storr


History of the Museum

NPR’s “A History of Museums, ‘Memory of Mankind’ by Bob Mondello :

NPR’s “Philadelphia Museum Shaped Early American Culture” by Liane Hansen

“A Contribution to the History of University Museums and Collections in Europe” from University Museums and Collections’ 2002 international conference:

How Stuff Works’ “History of the Louvre: The Birth of a Museum” by Josh Clark:


Contemporary Curatorial Issues

“Exhibition as School as Work of Art” by Anton Vidokle and Martha Rosler:

“You’re Engaged!” by Barbara Pollack, ARTnews, January 2011

“UNP and The Building” interview with Anton Vidokle:

“Turning” by Irit Rogoff:

“Contractions of Time: On Social Practice from a Temporal Perspective” by Nato Thompson

“The Exhibitionists” by Robert Storr:

“The Name of the Game” by Tom Morton

“Unitednationsplaza” by Anton Vidokle: